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Home Visits
Home visits will be made if the patient's medical condition prevents him/her attending the surgery. A request for a home visit should normally be made before 10 am.

Your Responsibility as a Patient
Whilst we appreciate you may be feeling very ill and/or stressed when you contact the surgery, nevertheless we expect you to act in a civilised manner when dealing with any member of the practice team. Likewise we expect you to arrive at the surgery on time for any appointment and notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend in order that we may allocate your slot to another patient.

Patient Dismissal
Except in the case of violent/threatening behaviour or a move outside the practice area, a Patient's removal from our list would usually only be undertaken after at least one written warning. When a patient is removed from the list we will give our reasons in writing and also inform him/her of the situation. Our Clinical Commissiong Group will also be informed.

The partners have the right to remove a patient from their list for various reasons including;

GP Earnings
Mean earnings of all GP’s =£76,670
Total number of full time GP’s=2
Total number of part time GP’s=0